Nadi Swedan


Nadi sweda is a unique form of swedan procedure where sweating is induced by passing steam over the body part by using a special instrument known as nadi sweda yantra. The steam is passed through a rubber tube fitted to the instrument and it is an easy method of applying heat to a localized part of a body. The natural healing through Ayurveda for ages has been advocated as a great source of relief for all types of psycho somatic diseases or disorderly syndromes. In Ayurveda there are basically two types of treatments, Shodhana treatment and Shamana treatment, referring respectively to treatment of purification and treatment through medicine of Ayurvedic tradition.

Nadi Sweda as a massage therapy comes under the former category of Shodhana or purification treatment. In Ayurveda the whole range of Shodhana or purification treatments come under the group of detoxification treatment called Panchakarma and the preparatory treatment prior to that called Purvakarma. Nadi Sweda apart from its independent role as a treatment for muscular and skeletal disorders is an irreplaceable process in the overall Ayurvedic therapy for the gross detoxification of body as part of Purvakarma prior to Panchakarma.

Nadi in Sanskrit means small tubes and Sweda refers to perspiration. Now in this Ayurvedic treatment basically the patient is made to sweat profusely through the application of steam all over the body. The process has two vital therapeutic significances. Primarily through the excessive perspiration all through the body the channels or in traditional Ayurvedic term Shrotas get purified and cleaned which carry the sweat out of the body. Secondly through the application of the hot steam locally it can lead to various therapeutic benefits like pain relief from joints, muscles or crucial skeletal portions in the body. Thus Nadi Sweda can also be applied as part of larger therapeutic goal to the whole body and can be applied locally for the treatment of definite diseases or reliefs.

How Nadi Sweda works?

As per the therapeutic goal and the clinical condition of the patient Nadi Sweda as a treatment is administered as decided by the expectation of the patient client and diagnosis by the Ayurvedic therapist. If you are going through a long and persistent course of Purvakarma and thereafter Panchakarma this massage treatment is just a milestone on your way to achieving wellness through Ayurvedic therapy. But if you have more specific a disorder in your muscular or skeletal portions of the body that demand immediate relief through Ayurvedic healing techniques Nadi Sweda can be hugely beneficial as a fast treatment for swelling or pains. It all definitely depends as we have discussed earlier on the clinical condition, therapeutic goal and as decided by the Ayurvedic therapist.

In Nadi Sweda either in local application or providing it throughout the body hot steam is applied by an instrument particularly used for this called Nadi Swedan Yantra the purpose of which is to carry the hot steam and spray on various areas of the body as per the direction of the therapist. Before providing the hot steam the portions of the body or the whole body as subjected to be put before the hot steam is anointed with the Ayurvedic oil formulation.

Application of oil to the body part that is to be subjected to sudation(sweating) treatment, followed by passing the steam to the same part with help of a tubular pipe is the procedure of nadi swedan.

Benefits of Nadi Swedana
1) Relieves pain.
2) Relieves oedema.
3) Brings softness to the body.
4) Reduces the stiffness  of the joints and keeps them mobile.
5) Improves the process of blood circulation.
6) It helps in removing the mala of the body.
7) It removes muscular stiffness.

Sandhi vata (osteo arthritis)
Pakshaghata (paralysis)
Bala pakshaghata (polio myelitis)
All vata related disorders
Shwasa (asthma)
Kasa (cough)
Ardita (facial paralysis)
Gridhrasi (sciatica)
Manyashula (spondylitis)
Katishula (back ache)